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Installed product, got the microphone hooked up, and then needed to not do the speaking portion of the lessons. Just felt overwhelmed with learning the words, and trying to speak at the same time.

I like the immersion concept. Just look at the pictures and see the words/phases and try to recall them. I’m a visual learner, so this is great for me. If you are not a visual learner this may not be for you.

I have images of pictures in my head now, with Spanish words/phrases to go with it. Which is much better for me than grammar drilling, etc.

I’m NEW NEW NEW to Spanish. I’ve never taken any Spanish classes in school or anywhere else, and would appreciate it if those who HAVE prior knowledge of Spanish or have taken Spanish formally in a classroom situation, or are a native Spanish speakers, do not try to tell a NEW NEW Spanish learners if this product will be good or bad for them, you don’t know because you already know the language basics. You have a context to base your learning on, whereas an over 40 person who has never taken Spanish is learning very differently than you, and is like a baby learning a new language. Which is what I’m hoping this product helps with. I’m learning like a new baby. Hear it, connect it with some images, and hopefully I’ll integrate all this in and be able to speak it.
I’ve watched my infant/toddler learn, and they don’t start speaking immediately with understandable words until they have a vocabulary foundation, and see the words in action, and they are looking at you and what you’re saying and visually what its connected to. Then later they start to speak or repeat. Why people who create language learning product for adult beginners think adults should not learn like babies do is beyond me, but I think the Rosetta folks get it!

But who knows for sure. I’m giving it a shot with this product.

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