Rosetta Stone Spanish – Review

Rosetta Stone Spanish

Rosetta Stone makes learning Spanish simple and entertaining by teaching you Spanish in the same way that you learned English — word/image association. Rosetta Stone Spanish is very similar to the total immersion, but taken a step farther. There are no English words or phrases within each lesson; you must learn through associating Spanish words you do not yet know with pictures of things you know. For example, you may not know what the word “perro” means, but you know the picture next to it is a picture of a dog.

Rosetta Stone Spanish also helps you learn to speak with a built in speech recognition system. You can practice reading and saying words and get instant feedback. Rosetta Stone Spanish provides simple to use tools to help you learn Spanish without hearing a single word of English.


Rosetta Stone is very thorough when it comes to tracking your progress and showing your scores on individual exercises. This can help you quickly identify if you are struggling more with pronunciation, writing or some other category and can help you focus more on that. Every lesson is accessible at any time, so you could focus on certain activities or even start in the middle of the course if you already have experience with a particular area or topic.

In my opinion the most important feature is how easy Rosetta Stone Spanish can be picked up and used. The user experience is very polished and makes using the Rosetta Stone application easy and user friendly. This ease of use lets you focus more on learning Spanish and less on learning to use the software itself.


Rosetta Stone Spanish has the fundamentals of learning the Spanish language down to a science. Vocabulary is gradually introduced through word/image association. Then grammar is introduced by further associating the words and phrases with other images. Rosetta Stone makes this process so intuitive you may find yourself doing it without even thinking, which I think is much more fun than studying vocabulary lists and grammar rules.

During this process, Rosetta Stone Spanish also helps you with your pronunciation and conversation skills by using of their speech recognition system. Sometimes you listen to words and phrases and right them down, other times you will practice saying the words and get immediate feedback on your accent and pronunciation. Rosetta Stone Spanish also focuses on the fundamental sounds common to Spanish words allowing you to improve your pronunciation of many words at once.

Ease of Use

Rosetta Stone Spanish is extremely easy to use. It is also easy to figure out the right and wrong answers and understand the point of the different activities. Rosetta Stone is so easy that they do not provide any initial information navigating the program. If you were to get lost there is help available to explain how to use Rosetta Stone Spanish.

Rosetta Stone Spanish also offers an online version of the program. This is nice because you can access it from anywhere and you do not have to install software on your pc.

Help & Support

The the help & support for Rosetta Stone Spanish is very useful. There is a FAQ, a user manual, and many tutorials which can answer most of your basic questions about the program. If you can not find your answers there then you can get help via email or phone.


Rosetta Stone Spanish is a simple and easy way to begin learning Spanish. There are many options available to help you learn Spanish but in my opinion Rosetta Stone Spanish is the best option available. If you want a program that teaches Spanish intuitively and makes it funthen Rosetta Stone Spanish is what you want.

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  1. Terry Gray

    I can see how Rosetta Stone can increase one’s vocabulary, but how does it teach verb conjugation and tenses, and everything else connected to grammar. Thanks

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